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How to Grow and Scale a SAAS Business

Know Your Customer Avatar

It is surprisingly common to find business owners that don’t know exactly what their client looks like in terms of a customer avatar. This is without question the most important first thing to do. 

If you know who you are selling to it defines the tone of your marketing communications and the style of your content. 

It also makes paid advertising simple because if you know your customer, targeting is easy.

Get this wrong, and you’ll be missing out on attracting new business. Also you’ll end up paying more for ads because of poor conversions. 

Know Your USP Unique Sales Proposition

Why do customers use you and not your competition? What is it that sets you apart and why is this important to your users? What do you do better than anyone else? This is knowing your competition and if you have a clear notion about why you are unique you’ll be able to scale your business.

The last thing you want prospects thinking is that what you offer is like a commondity. Very similar to what everyone else is doing. You are different and you need to know why so you can get inside the head of your buyers. 

This might take some brain storming but the  effort is worth it in the long run. Also you need to understand why your customers see you as different because their perception may be different than yours. Put yourself in the shoes of your clients and understand what motivates them to do business with you. 


Specialization removes a lot of competition and makes it easier to be considered as an expert. No one believes that you can be everything to everyone. 

Use Landing Pages

The absolute worst thing you can do is send cold traffic to any page on your website. 

Your website is filled with links and distractions. It gives people an overview of your business but if you want people to do something specific, create a landing page.

Landing pages have site links like Privacy Policy and Terms at the bottom, not the top of the page. The page intent is focused and specific. It gives the page visitor information and then asks for a decision. 

There is no obvious way to click away from the page so the page visitor doesn’t get distracted and can make a decision to sign up or buy. 

If you’re sending paid traffic to your home page you’re wasting your ad spend. Use landing pages to clarify and focus your offer in a distraction free environment and you’ll have much better results. 

Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an ideal prospecting tool for SAAS Companies. Use Sales Navigator which is the premium LinkedIn prospecting service. With it you can do advanced searches to get a targeted list of prospects anywhere in the world. 

In addition, it’s easy to get the email address for all of your connections and  frankly, it’s the least expensive way to build an email list. You can access the email address of all of your connections; it doesn’t matter if they are 1st, 2nd or 3rd level connections 90%+ of the time the emails are available. 

Snovio is an ideal tool for this and 1000 emails from LinkedIn costs around $20. Snovio is my secret weapon when it comes to LinkedIn Marketing and from what I can tell, nothing else even comes close. 

The intent here is not to spam anyone. Hopefully that’s goes without saying but it’s important to remember why. The purpose is to take the conversation off of LinkedIn and communicate through a variety of online channels. 

If I’m trying to attract the attention of a potential customer, I’ll vote for their skills, like one of their posts, share one of their posts, send them an email and do whatever I can to get some name recognition. 

Sales Navigator is an indespensible tool for finding clients for your SAAS Business.

Scale With Paid Advertising

My personal preference is Google Ads with Voice Calls and Gmail Ads. I like these options because they have a high ROI. If you’re selling SAAS you probably aren’t concerned about geographic targeting.

Narrow geographic targeting is expensive and you need a well tuned funnel to be profitable. Ads for anyone in the USA for example are less expensive than the same ads for 1 single location.

This gives software companies a powerful competitive advantage and makes scaling your new business prospecting exciting and inexpensive which translates into a profitable campaign if you have an eye catching offer. 

I’m currently testing LinkedIn Ads and while they are more expensive than many other forms online advertising, I’m seeing potential here as well. 

See Retargeting below for additional information

Build a Email List for Prospects and Customers

It seems that this should be obvious but l was a little shocked to see how many business owners don’t do this.  This is literally one of the most valuable assets to your business. The only thing that can add more value to your company is MRR. 

I use YesWare and Active Campaign for email management and can highly recommend both offerings.

Use Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a great way to build your reputation and get name recognition fast. The key thing to remember is that you need to create content that your prospects are interested in to get engagement. 

Most of the time you should be writing about concepts related to what you do but not about what you do. All of your content can have a promotional element but that shouldn’t be the main focus. 

People tire of being constantly sold to so remember, people hate to be sold to but they love to buy. Make it your mission to inspire your target audience and they will sell themselves. 

Add Retargeting to Your Landers

Up to 95% of your website visitors will leave without doing what you want them to do so add retargeting to all of your web pages. It’s very inexpensive and will dramatically increase your conversions if you do it right. 

Setting it up is a bit techy but once it’s in place you’ll have a way to get back a chunk of that lost traffic for a small fraction of what it would cost to run regular ads. 


Marketing isn’t a cost. Marketing is an investment and if you take control of these opportunities you’ll be able to scale your SAAS Business and be profitable.

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